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Kim Pritekel is a writer, producer and director. She has published six novels and has contracts for two more due out in 2010. She wrote the screenplay for the film, Legend of the Red Reaper, currently in post-production. Kim wrote, directed and produced the short films Shadow Box and Broken. Kim is co-producer and writer of ReEvolution with Christian Boeving, currently in development. Kim is currently writer, producer and director of the feature film Self Portrait.

Novels by Kim Pritekel. Published by P.D. Publishing


Kelly Neal
is an accomplished musician who has worked in the music industry for over 30 years. She has worked as musical director for several student short films, live theatrical events and has done demo work for songwriters writing for groups such as the Miami Sound Machine. Kelly is also a producer and editor. She has produced and edited the short films Shadow Box and Broken. Kelly has worked on campaign ads for political candidates, and is currently producing and editing the feature film Self Portrait.


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