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After Shadow



Dark Entities
A stroll on the positive side of the After Shadow


The After Shadow is a creepy, crazy place. It serves multiple purposes: itís where Earthbound Spirits reside. Itís a meeting point between the Earth plane and the Other Side. Itís a place for Dark Entities to hide, and itís where suicide victims can get stuck.

I found the After Shadow by accident. A Medium told me to try and meditate a little each day, and try to connect with my grandmother or any other spirit that might need to speak to me. Okay, I can handle that. I hate meditating, but I decided to give it a go.

I go into my bedroom, close the door and the blinds, and lay down. I cleared my mind, as Iíd been told to do, and visualized my grandmother. Well, I ended up in a very strange place. Imagine the world as you know it, but the entire thing is lit by the light of a full moon. You know that sort of blue/gray light that gives everything a bit of an eerie effect? Thatís the After Shadow. It can be a complete mirror image of a place, or it can be itís own environment. Nothing is incredibly clear, and in fact at first it looked like I was looking through a fairly thread-bare knit cap at everything. In time, as I learned how to penetrate the shroud a bit more, that effect was gone. In time I also learned how to enter while fully awake and standing, no longer needing to meditate to get there.

Often when wandering through the After Shadow, itís intimidating because any spirits in the vicinity will be drawn to you. Basically, you, as an alive person are entering the land of the dead. They are curious, some are angry, and many want you to help them.


Dark Entities:

One night before bed I had decided to visit the After Shadow and see if anyone needed me. I felt compelled to go for some reason, and should have known better.

I found myself at a very dark, rocky beach, though I wasnít on the sand, yet. There were two huge rocks that were placed very close together, with an opening that was perhaps three feet wide. This was the only entrance to the beach, and I found myself standing on the other side of the rocks, looking at the beach and angry ocean beyond.

Stepping onto the beach, it was very cold. Again, that creepy moonlit aura all around, giving everything a bit of a ghostly glow. I looked around, asking if anyone needed my help. I saw no one, so I decided to leave. I opened my eyes, of course finding myself in my room in bed. I was about to go to sleep when I felt drawn back down into the After Shadow. I couldnít fight the pull that was tugging me down. I felt uneasy, but went with it.

There I was again, back behind those rocks looking through to the beach. A lone figure stood on the rocky shore, their back to me. They had long hair, which was whipping in the wind, and from the way their body looked, it seemed as if they were hugging themselves.

I felt a little better, like maybe it was a spirit who needed my help, so I walked through to the beach and up to the figure. I was maybe two feet from it when it turned around and I was faced with the worst nightmare image of my life! The face was partially a skull, skin hanging from the white bone. An eye was in the skeletal socket, the other hanging down with a flap of skin. The thing, which I now know was a Dark Entity, was grinning at me, part skeletal grin, part grin of utter enjoyment. I was terrified!

I could hear my grandmotherís voice as I booked it: ďDonít ever go there again! Donít go to the After Shadow!Ē Oh, and I listened, too! Even when I was wide awake I couldnít get that image out of my head. It haunted me for much of that night. I still get the shivers, even just in telling the story.



A stroll on the positive side of the After Shadow:

There are reasons to go to the After Shadow, however, and there have been positive moments. One night I had gone to see my grandmother on the Other Side, and when I got there, we were in a rowboat. She gave me the simple order to row, so I did. Never rowed a boat before in my life, so it was interesting to figure out the dynamics, but I got us going. She wouldnít tell me where we were going or why. She wouldnít even allow me to turn around and look at her, as she was sitting behind me.

So, I row for what seems like forever when she directs me to a dock. I get out of the boat and get us tied down. I reach out to help her from the boat, but she shakes her head. She is staying, and Iím to do this on my own.

I figure out in short order that sheís taken me to an entrance of the After Shadow. I enter a dark hallway, spirits coming at me with frightening speed. Some, as I said before, are curious, others are begging for my help. Sometimes I just see faces coming out of the wall, other times simply a voice or a touch on my hand or clothing.

I find my way to a closed door, and somehow know Iím to enter, so I do. Inside is a small, very dark room. There is an unseen source of that same strange, blue/gray light illuminating the lone figure sitting in the center of the room, on the floor. It is cold in there, and Iím chilled to the bone, remembering my last experience with a ďlone figureĒ in the After Shadow.

As I get closer, I see itís a woman. Sheís curled up, her long hair stringy and hiding her face. Iím not entirely sure why Iím there, or what Iím supposed to do. Who is she? Why is she here? Can I help her? If so, how?

As I get closer, she looks up at me, and Iím stunned. I know this woman! I used to be very good friends with a girl in middle school and then on into my first year of high school. I never forgot her, because back then she was one of the few who knew I was a writer, and was a huge supporter of my work. She used to tell me all the time that she wanted a copy of my first published novel. I remember the day that that happened in my mid-twenties, I thought of her, wishing I knew where she was so I could give her one. Anyway, when we were Freshmen in high school, her mother committed suicide. After that, her and her sister were whisked off to Tennessee, I believe it was, to live with an aunt.

I canít believe my eyes as I stare at this woman. I never knew her name, but I could see her daughterís face staring up at me, big brown eyes pleading. I tried to talk to her, get her to come with me. I just knew I could help her, if only sheíd come with me. She flat refuses, terrified and lost in her own despair.

Looking around the room I saw a door. It nearly blended in completely with the walls, but if you looked hard enough, or if you looked with clear eyes, you could see it. Somehow, I knew that was where I needed to get her. I decided to take matters into my own hands. If she wouldnít come willingly, Iíd drag her. I grabbed one of her hands, able to feel the cool, clammy skin of her very thin, pale hand in my own. Satisfied that I had a good hold, I turned and headed for the door. When I got there I turned, and was stunned to see that she still sat in the middle of the room! I looked at my hand and found it empty.

Kneeling down in front of her, I managed to catch her eye. ďYou need to come with me, now. I can help you. I can get you out of here.Ē She shook her head violently, her hair flying all over the place in her insistence that she couldnít be helped. ďYouíre coming with me!Ē I was growing frustrated, which was good because it increased my determination to help her. I kept seeing her daughterís face in my mindís eye, and knew I had to do this for her. I grabbed the woman by both hands, never taking my eyes off her as I pulled, slowly backing up. She looked up at me with the slightest glimmer of hope in her eyes as she tried to pull herself up.

It was a slow process, much like pulling a 90 year old man out of his wheelchair, but finally she got to her feet. I still had her, and wasnít letting go no matter what! With every small step back I took towards the door, she took one forward on thin, unsteady legs. My heart was pounding, my excitement growing with every bit of progress we made.

Finally, we made it to the door. She was with me, and standing strong. Mostly. I managed to get the door pulled open, and to my surprise and delight, not only was it the Other Side, but my grandmother stood there waiting. I turned so the woman was pushed through the door. As soon as she crossed, her true soul form came into view. No longer was a thin woman with long, stringy hair and big, haunted eyes standing there. Now was a woman full of vitality with short, red hair and a smile that could kill anyone. She looked at me, and I looked at her, and we both shared a profound moment before she walked off, finally able to reclaim herself.

That was one of the most amazing moments of my life thus far. Certainly of my spiritual life.




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